Get ready to…..SPRING!


Happy easter!

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WAKEY, WAKEY, EGGS AND BAKEY……as in bacon….. as in official waker uppers have been known to call this phrase out when it’s time to wake someone up. EVERY living thing (in the northern hemisphere that is) is waking/gearing up after the winter slumber. Maybe here in California we’re springing earlier than where you are, but never fear- SPRING IS NEAR!

Remember the earlier blog post with the list of nature/human associations the Chinese observed about fall? It’s time to list the spring relationships:

Yin Organ                         Liver

Yang Organ                      Gall Bladder

Sense Organ                      Eyes

Tissue                                Tendons

Taste                                   Sour

Color                                   Green

Sound                                 Shouting

Odor                                     Rancid

Emotion                             Anger/Frustration/Depression

Season                                Spring

Environment                   Wind

Developmental Stage     Birth

Direction                            East

Body Type                          Tall and slender with strong bones and joints

These are the wood characteristics often used when thinking in a 5 element fashion.  Do any carry more than usual significance for you? Think about it!