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Are you balanced? I ask this in every sense of the word; are you physically balanced, emotionally balanced, destiny balanced? Last week’s monthly newsletter talked about how desk stretches can help counterbalance your body if you spend the bulk of your day curved forward around a desk, computer or paperwork. The concept is: incorporate counterbalancing actions to harmonize something in you that could be, or become, out of balance. It’s an idea that yoga uses all the time. If you do a back bend follow it up with a forward bend for strength and balance. This idea can be used in many ways. For example, if you spend all day every day shallowly breathing you eventually see the results from that. Incorporate deep breathing to harmonize the body and offset the negative affects of consistent shallow breathing. In Chinese medicine balance and harmony result from both yin and yang. It takes both working together for harmony to result. Take a look at your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and karmic selves. Are they balanced? What are the counterbalancing measures to use if they aren’t so that you can have rock-solid balance?


Acupuncture In A Nutshell…..

If you’ve never seen what it looks like when you get needled…..this is it!