Time For Some Silliness…

Last week a friend shared a greeting card she found. The card held a political message but no matter what your opinion about the possible changes in health care, this is just funny!

The New Unabridged Medical Dictionary

Barium– What you do when the patient dies
Urine– The opposite of “You’re out!”
Cauterize– Made eye contact with her
D&C– Where Washington is
Ova– Finished; done with
Sperm– To reject, look away from
Dilate– To live a long time
Enema– Opposite of a friend
Node– Was aware of
White count– The number of Caucasians
Hernia– Pertaining to a female’s knee
Fibrillate– To tell a small lie
Bunion– Paul’s surname
Genital– Non-Jewish
Sacrum– Holy
Paradox– Two doctors
Constipation– Endangered feces
Penis– Someone who plays the piano
Humerus– To tell us what we want to hear
Intestine– Currently taking an exam
Coronary– Domesticated yellow bird
Outpatient– A person who has fainted
Pap smear– To slander your father
Pelvis– The evil twin of Elvis
Rectum– Dang near killed him
Seizure– Roman emperor
Cat scan– When the Secret Service looks for Socks

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