How About Here For Your “Special Place”?

Abiqua Curves

Originally uploaded by Gaz Photo’s

Since triple digit weather has arrived, I decided to mentally head for one of my favorite meditation places: the wonderful Pacific Northwest. If you’ve ever dabbled in meditation you may have come across the concept of a” special place”. This is a place you can go to in your mind to create a sense of calm, peace and well-being. It can be any place that speaks to you but I thought this place seemed pretty nifty.
Do you have a place? Have you filled in all the sensory details? What are the smells? Can you hear anything when you are there? What do the things there feel like? Do you always visit during a certain season or every season? Are you alone? If you haven’t already filled in the details don’t hurry! Enjoy the process. You can always change the details whenever you like- your place, your creation!

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