Broken Pieces

sand dollars

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More Pearls Of Wisdom from people around me……

Today (5 minutes ago to be exact), one of my wonderful patients brought me 3 tiny, delicate, perfect sand dollars. She was explaining to me how important the ocean is to her. She told me that in the winter there is a particular beach she likes to go to to find sand dollars. She said she used to look only for the perfect ones to pick up but she decided that the imperfect ones deserved to be picked up too; she was picking up the pieces because “they were just as deserving as the whole ones.” I LOVED THIS on so many levels! Of COURSE this is a metaphor for life. At some time or other we have all had to pick up the pieces! We are all imperfect (sorry if this is a revelation to you), even if we look whole and unbroken.Included in this idea is another pearl of wisdom someone else shared and that is- never compare your insides to anyone else’s outsides. I tell patients everyday that it doesn’t matter who might walk through the practice door, whether Olympic athlete or someone suffering from a terrible disease, EVERYONE can always use balancing in their health. Who you are and what challenges you are facing help to determine just what kind of balancing you might need. Traditional Chinese medicine is only one way of bringing balance to your health. A nice walk along the beach looking for sand dollars isn’t a bad technique either!

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