You’re Full Of Beans!

Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart

(Ahem, this isn’t going where you think it is…)

The daily half cup you eat, the better your blood sugars are

The better they are, the better you feel
So let’s eat beans with every meal

Well, maybe not with every meal, but like it says, eat a half cup everyday of beans, such as white, pinto, kidney, garbanzo or black beans, (sorry, jelly and chocolate covered coffee beans don’t count!) and you can strongly lower your fasting glucose, insulin, and A1C counts. Better yet, include it as part of your regular high-fiber and low glycemic index diet and you could lower your A1C by an average 0.48% !

Here’s a recipe to get you started:

For further excellent information please visit:

So, the next time someone tells you you are full of beans take it as a compliment!


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