What Tongues Can Tell Us…

About a week ago I just happened to have some time on my hands and I also had my camera. It occurred to me that I was at an intersection of  a golden opportunity. I ran around the office snapping pictures of the tongues of anyone I caught off guard enough to consent to have their tongues photographed. Why? Because this blog definitely needs a tongue gallery.

Of course one of the most-often asked questions at the clinic is, “What does my tongue tell you?” I usually tell the patient what I see and follow up with the recommendation that he or she look at the tongues of friends and family for contrast and comparison. Now I can probably guess correctly that few, if any, of my patients ask to see the tongues of the people of their inner circle. Have you ever noticed that, when asked,  people become shy or reluctant to show their tongues? This isn’t by chance as it turns out. Chinese medical theory explains that reluctance nicely. It also explains why it’s so bone-chillingly terrifying when the Maori blatantly loll their tongues at their enemies.  But the chance to be able to see many tongues at once is just too good to miss (at least to an acupuncturist!).

So here they are, the first of a growing gallery of tongues just waiting for contrast and comparison. Before you look, just know that there is such a thing as the perfect tongue but no one has the 100% perfect one. It’s an ideal that we can all try to reach through healthful living.

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