Let’s Keep Those Knees Working!

Working hard at the acpuncture visit

One more knee from one of my many wonderful, brave, searching, health-conscious, curious, funny, serious, earnest, teaching, inspirational patients to round out 2010.  Thank you! See you in 2011.

The Yin Of Yin

Happy upcoming winter solstice! December 21, 2010 at 6:38pm ET will be the official solstice and the darkest day of the year for those of us in the northern hemisphere. The shortest day with the longest night means that seasonally, we will be at the most yin of yin times. Yin is the winter, quiet, dark, still, female, moon, silver, inward, downward, potential energy, slow, soft, yielding, cold, wet and nighttime energy. Autumn is the time we are sliding away from the yang time of summer (the most yang of yang time) and moving toward winter; the most yin of seasons. But just as a tree, seemingly dead in the winter, is hiding the life force which will allow leaf buds to appear again, there is that small “dot” of yang within the yin energy of the yang/yin symbol that tells us there is never complete and static yin (or yang) and that the promise of spring, the return of yang energy, is assured.
I hope we all have some time to reflect and celebrate the pause and quiet of winter.

Vim And Vinegar


Skipping Girl Vinegar

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I know, I know… it’s vim and vigor but vinegar will get you both in good amounts. Today let’s talk about two of the ways that vinegar brings you good health.
Patients often ask about ways to do a gentle detox. My long-time favorite answer includes a daily dose of…you guessed it- vinegar! First thing in the morning, before you do anything else, take a small amount of apple cider vinegar, maybe 4 tablespoons, and add in 3 equal amounts of clean water. Be brave and drink it down.
Then, for those of you who shower in the morning, follow up the vinegar drink with some dry brushing before you step into the water. What’s dry brushing? I’m glad you asked. Find a natural-bristled brush. Start at the shoulder of an arm brushing toward your heart but while moving down the arm. Eventually you will get down to your hand. Make sure to get the top, bottom and both sides. Repeat for the second arm. You will do the same motions for your legs; start at the hip brushing upward toward your heart while moving down toward your feet. On your upper torso, brush toward your armpits and use a circular motion at your tummy. Dry brushing removes the flaky surface skin which is one of the ways the body detoxes. Dry brushing also moves blood and lymph in the body therefore increasing toxin removal.
And, just when you thought that vinegar was terrific enough just for detoxing, there’s more! Using vinegar in a meal slows the glycemic response (meaning how fast the body takes in carbohydrates into the blood) by 20%! This is great news for anyone with diabetes, or metabolic syndrome or anyone wanting lessen the effects of too much sugar in the blood at once. Do you get tired fairly soon after a high-carbohydrate meal? Add some vinegar to your next meal and see what it can do for you!

Haw Flakes


haw flakes 山楂饼

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I often get the request: “Hey Wendy, tell me an ancient Chinese secret.”  So today, right here on this blog, free of charge even, I’m going to share a secret. Ancient? Maybe. Helpful? Absolutely. It’s even fun and good for your health.
The Chinese have known for ever that hawthorn berries (hence the haw of haw flakes) are a great supplement to aid in the digestion of proteins. You might have had the opportunity in recent times to experience that heavy, distended feeling from eating half a turkey? It isn’t just coincidence that today’s blog comes in between Thanksgiving and Christmas (or any other meat-inclusive celebration coming up).
There are a few ways of taking hawthorn fruit but haw flakes are handy and sweet. If you have blood sugar issues just brew a tea from the fruit rather than eating the flakes that may have too much sugar for you. Pop in a few flakes before diving in to your protein-rich meal and voila! You’ve helped to prepare your body for the protein molecule celebration your digestive system is about to experience.
The nice thing is that haw flakes have a good, sweet/tangy flavor to wake up those soon-to-be busy taste buds.
Call the office if you can’t find your own flakes!
Bon Appetit!