Haw Flakes


haw flakes 山楂饼

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I often get the request: “Hey Wendy, tell me an ancient Chinese secret.”  So today, right here on this blog, free of charge even, I’m going to share a secret. Ancient? Maybe. Helpful? Absolutely. It’s even fun and good for your health.
The Chinese have known for ever that hawthorn berries (hence the haw of haw flakes) are a great supplement to aid in the digestion of proteins. You might have had the opportunity in recent times to experience that heavy, distended feeling from eating half a turkey? It isn’t just coincidence that today’s blog comes in between Thanksgiving and Christmas (or any other meat-inclusive celebration coming up).
There are a few ways of taking hawthorn fruit but haw flakes are handy and sweet. If you have blood sugar issues just brew a tea from the fruit rather than eating the flakes that may have too much sugar for you. Pop in a few flakes before diving in to your protein-rich meal and voila! You’ve helped to prepare your body for the protein molecule celebration your digestive system is about to experience.
The nice thing is that haw flakes have a good, sweet/tangy flavor to wake up those soon-to-be busy taste buds.
Call the office if you can’t find your own flakes!
Bon Appetit!

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