Qi Gong

Want a great, take-with-you-anywhere meditative workout? Qi-gong is the thing for you!
The qi of qi gong often is translated as the non-static relationship between matter and energy. It’s the same qi your acupuncturist is always talking about. The gong of qi gong can translate as power used for results. Qi gong is a mindful practice that is not only a great workout but you also regulate the qi within you through your mind/body connection. Great qi means great health- a subject near and dear to any acupuncturist’s heart.

There are 4 categories of qi gong: dynamic, static, meditative and a fourth group that uses outside “tools” to achieve balanced qi. Dynamic qi-gong is the most easily recognized form here in the U.S. These forms use choreographed movements to cultivate and regulate qi. Tai chi is the martial arts form of dynamic qi gong (think Mr. Miyagi in “The Karate Kid” intoning: “Wax on! Wax off!”). Dynamic qi gong is  prescribed here at the office for many issues including increasing immunity or decreasing fatigue. In contrast, static qi gong makes and balances qi by holding specific postures. Meditative qi gong includes the tools that you would expect such as visualization and breath work. Using herbs and bodywork, as well as other tools for qi gong propagation, is the fourth type.

Qi gong is an important tool in traditional Chinese medicine; we use it to avoid and to treat disease. It’s used in martial arts to train participants. Taoists and Buddhists use it for meditation and Confucian scholars have long used it to better their characters.

Explore what qi gong can offer you-

Check out the links below for more information.

Wikipedia– qi gong

Tai Chi short form– don’t be put off by the spoken Chinese in this video- it’s only a short introduction. This is an excellent example of Tai Chi short form and is certainly not as easy as this demonstrator makes it look.

8 Form Tai Chi– good to use anywhere (outside is great) and especially if you only have a few minutes.

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