Can’t Stay Awake?

Tired, Sleepy by jeanbee
Tired, Sleepy, a photo by jeanbee on Flickr.

Instead of reaching for yet another cup of coffee or frazzling energy drink, stand up, no matter where you are, and do this tried-and-true, incredibly mobile, no-cost TCM trick for boosting energy levels and clearing the head.

Stand with you feet planted firmly and your knees slightly bent. Let your arms hang loosely at your sides. Relax your shoulders down and away from your ears. Make sure all muscles are relaxed. Alternate rotating from your hips first to the left then right while allowing your slightly bent arms to simultaneously and gently strike across your abdomen and back. Keep your eyes open to avoid dizziness. Breathe deeply in and out from your abdomen. Repeat this flow until you feel your energy beginning to return.

Follow this up with gentle 10-finger tapping on the top of your head. With slightly bent fingers, use the tips to gently tap all around your head focusing mainly along the top. While tapping, breathe deeply in and out maintaining your inhaling slightly longer than your exhaling.

Feeling energized? Good! Get out there and conquer the world!

2 Responses to “Can’t Stay Awake?”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Thanks for sharing this type light exercise. It’s would be more helpful if you add some image here. Anyway thanks again.

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