How Many Acupuncturists?

United State in Plates by drummerjoe
United State in Plates, a photo by drummerjoe on Flickr.

Can you guess how many acupuncturists are currently practicing in the US? Probably more than you are thinking. There are 6,825 in California alone. Even North Dakota can boast that they have 10 practitioners.

The answer is: 21,852!


Salad by john white photos
Salad, a photo by john white photos on Flickr.

Did you ever think about your food as medicine? Chinese medicine often does and prescribes food to help with chief concerns. The saying goes: “Food is medicine and medicine is sometimes food.”

What is your food doing for you?

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Acupuncture 04 by Girla Obscura
Acupuncture 04, a photo by Girla Obscura on Flickr.

Acupuncture: the excellent reward for a jab well done!

Otzi The Iceman And Acupuncture

Otzi the Iceman by Melissa in TN
Otzi the Iceman, a photo by Melissa in TN on Flickr.

I had a question today from a patient about the ice mummy found with acupuncture point tattoos on his body. It’s an interesting story. Check out the link below for the full explanation.