You And Your Beautiful Thymus!

Glands by EvilChick
Glands, a photo by EvilChick on Flickr.

Rather than repeat this season’s usual blog entry extolling the magical, anti-cold benefits of hand washing and proper coughing techniques, let’s talk about the often-forgotten thymus gland and introduce the exciting, fun-filled, do-anywhere thymus thump.

Did you even know you had a thymus? You do! And it is a critical player in your adaptive immunity system that helps you avoid colds. Unfortunately, as we get older (starting after adolescence), our thymus becomes less active.

But, lucky us, a daily dose of the thymus thump can help keep the thymus active and you more healthy.

Where is it you ask? It sits in front of your heart but behind your sternum- a handy location for gentle thumping.

The idea here is not to thump so hard that you bruise yourself. You want just enough “thump” (really tapping) to increase blood flow to the area for it to feel warm. Remember how to do the Tarzan chest thump? Well, this is similar but instead of using fists to thump you use the tips of your fingers, excluding your thumbs, to tap. Gently eight-finger tap up and down your sternum until you get that warm feeling.

That’s all there is to it. A minute each day and it’s better than an apple a day to keep the doc away.