The Delicious Foods of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner 2008 by Marni Molina
Thanksgiving Dinner 2008, a photo by Marni Molina on Flickr.

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving  filled with gratitude and goodness.
As we all know, Thanksgiving  is a good opportunity to eat. So just what beneficial things are you doing for your health when you sit down and eat all those traditional foods? Let’s find out!

Turkey-  a good tonic for your digestive energy

If you have ham instead- ham  produces fluids and quiets rebellious qi

oysters- are a blood tonic

walnuts- lubricate the intestines

chestnuts- circulate blood and can help stop bleeding

figs- are good for the stomach

mandarin oranges- are slightly diuretic, they lubricate the lungs, help relieve coughs and transform phlegm

apples-produce fluids, they also lubricate the lungs, as well as  increase digestion

pears- clear heat and lubricate dryness

persimmons- tonify qi, blood and yin. They quench thirst and lubricate the lungs.

butter- is a yang, qi and blood tonic

whole wheat- a great tonic for your energetic kidneys

squash-circulates the blood, decreases inflammation, helps to relieve pain and is a digestive energy, qi and blood tonic.

asparagus- clears heat and fire, and dries damp to name a few of its benefits.

spinach-  tonifies qi and blood, clears heat

egg- is a good blood tonic

string beans- tonify qi, blood and yin

corn- is a diuretic

peas- descend rebellious qi, act as a diuretic and help promote bowel movements

pepper- helps warm the interior

garlic- circulates qi and blood, warms the middle

cloves- warm the interior

nutmeg-circulates blood and warms the interior

rosemary- is calming and moves blood

carrots- dry dampness

pumpkin- a qi and blood tonic and dries damp

sweet potato- a blood and yin tonic

celery-clears heat, dries damp, calms

Of course this isn’t a complete list but hopefully it gets everyone thinking about the variety of ingredients found in a Thanksgiving meal and how each bite can do good work for you.

And remember, always make good food choices reflecting your unique food/health needs

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Giving Thanks

Harvest by bigbrowneyez
Harvest, a photo by bigbrowneyez on Flickr.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
~ William Arthur Ward

And boy oh boy,  is expressing gratitude an excellent tonic for your health.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

A Quick Study Of Good Health

Not practicing preventative health care (not just office visits!) is like showing up to take the most important test of your life but not studying for it. How can you expect the result of A+ health if you don’t prepare for it?

Pathways Of Blood, Meridians Of Energy

Just as there are pathways of blood in the body (please refer to the picture on the left), there are also pathways of energy (please see the picture on the right). Just as you could potentially bleed from any point pricked on the body, there are also many energy points all over the body. And just like what happens when you prick someplace to bleed, some places bleeding more than others, there are points on body that have more available energy than others. The points with more available energy are called acupuncture points and the lines upon which they are located are called meridians.

Need proof? Visit the office and we’ll show you where your energy flows with our handy qi (pronounced chee) measuring machine.

See you soon!