The Delicious Foods of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner 2008 by Marni Molina
Thanksgiving Dinner 2008, a photo by Marni Molina on Flickr.

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving  filled with gratitude and goodness.
As we all know, Thanksgiving  is a good opportunity to eat. So just what beneficial things are you doing for your health when you sit down and eat all those traditional foods? Let’s find out!

Turkey-  a good tonic for your digestive energy

If you have ham instead- ham  produces fluids and quiets rebellious qi

oysters- are a blood tonic

walnuts- lubricate the intestines

chestnuts- circulate blood and can help stop bleeding

figs- are good for the stomach

mandarin oranges- are slightly diuretic, they lubricate the lungs, help relieve coughs and transform phlegm

apples-produce fluids, they also lubricate the lungs, as well as  increase digestion

pears- clear heat and lubricate dryness

persimmons- tonify qi, blood and yin. They quench thirst and lubricate the lungs.

butter- is a yang, qi and blood tonic

whole wheat- a great tonic for your energetic kidneys

squash-circulates the blood, decreases inflammation, helps to relieve pain and is a digestive energy, qi and blood tonic.

asparagus- clears heat and fire, and dries damp to name a few of its benefits.

spinach-  tonifies qi and blood, clears heat

egg- is a good blood tonic

string beans- tonify qi, blood and yin

corn- is a diuretic

peas- descend rebellious qi, act as a diuretic and help promote bowel movements

pepper- helps warm the interior

garlic- circulates qi and blood, warms the middle

cloves- warm the interior

nutmeg-circulates blood and warms the interior

rosemary- is calming and moves blood

carrots- dry dampness

pumpkin- a qi and blood tonic and dries damp

sweet potato- a blood and yin tonic

celery-clears heat, dries damp, calms

Of course this isn’t a complete list but hopefully it gets everyone thinking about the variety of ingredients found in a Thanksgiving meal and how each bite can do good work for you.

And remember, always make good food choices reflecting your unique food/health needs

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  1. רפואה סינית Says:

    That is some great healthy ‘good for you’ info, thanks.

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