The 5 Element You

senses by joaoloureiro
senses, a photo by joaoloureiro on Flickr.

Did you know that not all acupuncturists practice the same kind of traditional Chinese medicine? On the surface of things all acupuncturists may appear to be doing similar things, like needling and prescribing herbs, but once you know about the different styles of practice you can then recognize the differences between them.

5 element acupuncture is one of the styles of TCM practice. A 5 element practitioner will listen to your chief concern(s) but they are also going to: listen to the quality of your voice, look for a coloration around your temples and/or eyes, search for a significantly present or suspiciously absent emotion and smell your neck and/or lower back area (yes, that’s right, SMELL you). Each of these “areas” of observation will give the acupuncturist clues as to the state of your well-being and help him or her determine the best course of treatment for you.

Curious about what a 5 element treatment is like? Ask your acupuncturist what kind of treatment they practice. If they don’t practice the 5 element style they can probably help find the right 5e person for you!

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