A Very Useful Thing…Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt by Epsom Salt
Epsom Salt, a photo by Epsom Salt on Flickr.

As you may have guessed, especially if you ever read the practice newsletter, I have a little thing about Epsom salt. Anything natural, simple and above-average useful gets my vote for being designated as a VUT (a very useful thing). Of course acupuncture is also natural, simple and above-average useful and therefore a VUT but today it’s all about Epsom salt!
Firstly, did you know that there is more than one kind of salt? It’s true! All salts are a product formed by the neutralization of an acid by a base. The salt we eat is NaCl or sodium (Na) chloride (Cl). Sodium chloride is so intricately linked to human history in so many ways it’s amazing! Epsom salt may look like table salt, but rather than it being a combo of sodium and chloride, it is a combo of magnesium and sulfate. Okaaaaay, you say, so what? Good question! Those two substances mean good things for your health.
To name just one benefit of magnesium in the body, it helps regulate around 300 enzymes. Sulfate helps detoxify the body among other important functions.
Interested in learning more? Visit the Epsom Salt Council here.
And what is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of this VUT? A nice bath full of dissolved Epsom salt! Get clean and get healthier all at the same time; how great is that?

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