The Things We Don’t Do

We’re a doing culture here in the U.S. If something isn’t right we want to DO something to make it better. That’s certainly one way to bring about change; if you want change, the thinking goes, action is required. It’s a very yang way (of the yin/yang balance) of problem solving and it often works perfectly! Even so, it’s still only half of the equation as far as Chinese medicine is concerned. In keeping with the concepts of yin/yang, not doing can be just as powerful as doing.

Sounds crazy? Hardly! Finding yourself gluten intolerant? Don’t eat gluten. Fatigued perhaps? Don’t stay up until 3am and don’t run that marathon if it isn’t going to work towards your greater good. Feeling stressed? Don’t fret about what you can’t control and don’t add more onto your plate of must-dos. Is adding more distractions to your daily existence no longer working? Try sitting in silence instead.
When has non-action worked better than action for you? Let us know in the comments section.