Fruits by Katsura
Fruits, a photo by Katsura on Flickr.

Please don’t slobber all over your screen and short circuit your monitor! Isn’t this week’s picture delectable looking? Yum!

It’s the beginning of summer-fruit time here in the northern hemisphere. No time like the present to showcase (ala TCM) just what all of those wonderful fruits can do for you! Besides all of the excellent nutritional benefits, you can also consider the energetic “temperatures” of fruits. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) classifies foods into 5 temperature categories: cold, cool, neutral, warm and hot. When thinking of food as medicine the acupuncturist will consider a person’s constitution (is a person hot or cold for example) and then make recommendations about what foods to eat to bring about a balanced state.

Below is a table of various fruits and their energetic temperatures. The next time you are feeling really hot try some of the fruits from the cool category. Do you live in a cooler/milder climate? Try some of the warmer fruits.

Just remember, always consider the best choices for you. Fruit can be high in sugar, fiber or other substances that may or may not be right for you. If you have any questions call the office and other than the usual cautions-


Warm Fruits Neutral Fruits Cool Fruits
Guava Figs Lemon
Peach Grapes Mango
Raspberry Pineapple Apple
Litchi Apricot Mandarin orange
Cherry Plum Strawberry
Kumquat Olive Pear
Hawthorn fruit Crabapple Watermelon
Coconut Papaya Pear

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