How To Make Ideas Stick

ideas by Sean MacEntee
ideas, a photo by Sean MacEntee on Flickr.

Right around here, right about now, many students are finishing up with school. For many that means cramming for finals and desperately trying to shovel just a few more tidbits of knowledge into their heads. Well, traditional Chinese medicine to the rescue!

Did you know that there are acupuncture points that help you retain knowledge? It’s true and they are very handy when you are quickly approaching all-full-in-the-noggin status. The Chinese name of these points is Sishencong or Four Alert Spirit. What follows is their super top secret locations and what to do to activate them yourself.

As you might guess from the name, there are four points/locations for the point group. Start by finding your posterior fontanel, aka the soft place of your head found just in front of your flat spot. If you can’t feel a soft place (roughly the size of a dime), fold your ears in half the long way, draw an imaginary line from pointy ear tip to pointy ear tip over the top of your head. Where the line passes over the top of your head is where you find the soft spot. Once you’ve located the soft spot, measure the width of your thumb’s knuckle north, south, east and west of the soft spot and you’ve located the 4 points of Sishencong.

To activate these points gently tap or massage them with your fingertips until the area feels warm and/or tingly. You can also experiment with essential oils exercising caution around any sensitivities you might have.

For those of us who only have to remember taking finals, this technique is good for retaining any kind of knowledge. Try it out!

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