Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 Of Balanced Health, It’s As Easy As SRP

Primary by Cameron Booth
Primary, a photo by Cameron Booth on Flickr.

When you go to see your acupuncturist chances are you’re thinking: I just want my _____ to be better. The blank can be anything out of balance about your health. As an example, let’s use a very common chief concern: lower back pain.

While a patient is thinking of his or her pain, the acupuncturist is thinking: What’s behind this person’s pain? What led to this in the first place and how can we make sure that it doesn’t happen again or lead to worse things? No matter what your chief concern may be, the acupuncturist is thinking in terms of the three steps to balanced health.

The 3 steps are as follows:

Step 1
Symptom Alleviation
The first step is to get rid of the lower back pain.

Step 2
Restorative Care
Restorative care addresses the reason why lower back pain manifested in the first place. Not completing this step could mean the back pain returns.

Step 3
Protective Care
At this step the acupuncturist and patient are changing the focus of treatment away from being reactive to proactive. Instead of fixing ill health, treatment focus becomes supporting good health. At times this means maintenance office visits but for many it means implementing new habits of good health.

At every stage the acupuncturist’s tools are the same but hopefully the goal of treatment changes.

Simply alleviating pain is not the complete process to balanced health. The next time you visit your acupuncturist, ask them what the SRP is for you.

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