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Health by Tax Credits
Health, a photo by Tax Credits on Flickr.

Last week I had an excellent meeting with my CPA Suzanne W. Conrad. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that, as an acupuncturist, my first calling is not finances but traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). But in order to do the medicine part of TCM well I have to do the business part well too. To that end and because of wanting much-needed business improvement, Suzanne has me putting on my thinking cap. One of the questions I had to think about in concrete terms to answer was: What are the results of acupuncture and how do the results affect other areas of patients’ lives?

One of the easiest results to list would be the improvement of a patient’s chief concern(s). With this comes: increased wellness, increased quality of life,  increased range of motion, staying pain-free and having more energy. Acupuncture alleviates anxiety and it slows the aging process to name just a few wonderful results.

But the results of having acupuncture, or other TCM interventions, can be much broader. I’ve seen patients finish their course of acupuncture feeling more empowered because what looked like a health problem with no solution was in fact, a fairly simple solution when TCM was applied. Also, at times, it is a big leap for some people to come in for acupuncture. Maybe they have a strong fear of needles or maybe TCM is too strange for them but because they want to change they are willing to try something new. More often than not, patients walk away learning that there is more than just one philosophy of medicine and therefore have other treatment options available to them.

What have been your concrete results getting acupuncture? Let us know in the comments section!

Also, for anyone, but especially anyone more oriented towards the arts, not numbers, I highly recommend Suzanne for both coaching and finances.

What’s REALLY Happening During A Visit

acupuncture 2 by WealthOfHealth4
acupuncture 2, a photo by WealthOfHealth4 on Flickr.

I had a great laugh today over something my patient told me. We were talking about acupuncture (no surprise there) when he summed up my job from a patient’s perspective: My job is trying to get people to cooperate (especially difficult, according to my most insightful patient, because I use needles). I laughed because in my mind, an acupuncturist’s job is to:

1. Help make your chief concern better.
2. Make sure the cause of the complaint is resolved if possible.
3. Educate you about traditional Chinese medicine if you are interested.
4. Give appropriate homework suggestions to help bring about positive change.
5. Get to know you as a person.

However, he was 100% correct: if you don’t cooperate then none of the above happens!
Here’s to cooperation!

The Best Kind Of Gold

Fall is EVERYWHERE; get outside and soak it up. That’s the prescription for the weekend. And while you’re at it, here’s something Hippocrates once said:

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.”

How Do You Know If Your Produce Is Organic?

Apple by RashmiVarier
Apple, a photo by RashmiVarier on Flickr.

There are many reasons to choose organic foods over conventionally grown or especially over genetically modified food. Ultimately however, it’s a personal choice. When my patients ask for advice about what they should eat, I recommend that they research the pros and cons of all the available choices and decide what is best for them.
Once you decide, how can you tell at the supermarket, even with the helpful produce signs, what food is which? The way to tell for sure is to look at the PLU code found on the food. PLU stands for: Price Look Up code. If the food is conventionally grown the code will start with a 4 and it will be 4 digits in length. If the food is genetically modified, the PLU code will start with an 8 and will be 5 digits long. Lastly, if the produce is organic the PLU code will start with a 9 and will be 5 numbers in length.

If you want to start eating organically, the following foods are a great place to start.

The top 12 fruits most exposed to pesticides are:
imported and domestic grapes

The top 12 vegetables most exposed to pesticides are:
bell peppers
hot peppers
collard greens
greens beans
summer squash

Acupuncture Needles Really Are Small…We’re Not Kidding!