What’s REALLY Happening During A Visit

acupuncture 2 by WealthOfHealth4
acupuncture 2, a photo by WealthOfHealth4 on Flickr.

I had a great laugh today over something my patient told me. We were talking about acupuncture (no surprise there) when he summed up my job from a patient’s perspective: My job is trying to get people to cooperate (especially difficult, according to my most insightful patient, because I use needles). I laughed because in my mind, an acupuncturist’s job is to:

1. Help make your chief concern better.
2. Make sure the cause of the complaint is resolved if possible.
3. Educate you about traditional Chinese medicine if you are interested.
4. Give appropriate homework suggestions to help bring about positive change.
5. Get to know you as a person.

However, he was 100% correct: if you don’t cooperate then none of the above happens!
Here’s to cooperation!

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