Tissue Anyone?

Tissue box by angelcaramelo
Tissue box, a photo by angelcaramelo on Flickr.

Take your pick- around this office you can currently choose: Influenza, Norovirus or sinus infection for the illness du jour. I hope your choices in this instance are fewer where ever you find yourself today.

All this reminded me of a question a patient asked in passing even before the cold season got into full swing: how can you tell the difference between a cold, the flu or an allergy? The following is a quick layout of the three for comparison.


Information About Sulfer And Chinese Herbs

CHINESE HERBS by joeyhoey
CHINESE HERBS, a photo by joeyhoey on Flickr.

Chinese herbal prescriptions have been used as an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Sometimes, taking an herbal formula is the best option for treatment. Sometimes, the herbs are great to use in conjunction with the needles. There is always an herbal formula that can be recommended for both specific health concerns as well as for maintaining good health.

One question that often arises for my patients when they are considering taking a formula is whether or not the herbs are sulfur-free. It’s an excellent question. If you want more information about this subject check out the link below.

Chinese herbs and sulfur

Fingernails Can Tell Tales

Fingernails by jhhwild
Fingernails, a photo by jhhwild on Flickr.

Did you know that your fingernails can give you clues about your health? It’s true! Sometimes your nails show you signs that indicate a health imbalance even before there are other symptoms. Have you ever taken a moment to sit and REALLY contemplate your nails? Well, maybe today is a great day to start.

Firstly, what do healthy nails look like? They will be smooth, without pits, ridges or beading. Each nail should have modest rounding, being neither too flat or raised. There should be no discoloration; healthy nails will be a not-too-pale or not-too-dark shade of pink. Moons should be seen in each nail. Also, nail cuticles should not have cracks or tears but look smooth.

As you can guess, there can be many deviations from the ideal nails. Sometimes the deviations can be an indicator of a health imbalance. If in doubt, check it out by asking your trusted health care practitioner. The following are some of the possible indicators.

Soft, shiny, brittle nails where the moons cannot be seen may point to a thyroid imbalance.

Brittle nails may mean a lack of iron or circulation issues or thyroid or kidney challenges.

Easily chipped, cracked, peeling or breakable nails may mean low hydrochloric acid or a general lack of necessary nutrients.

Flat nails may be implying Raynaud’s disease.

Beading of the nail can mean rheumatoid arthritis.

And this…ahem… just scratches the surface! If you want to research further the recommended reading includes:

Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC fifth edition

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Too Soon For More Medical Silliness? Never!


I don’t know this cartoon well enough to verify if they got it right but it is nice to see that acupuncture is definitely making it into the mainstream.

If A 6 Year Old Can Do It….(So Can You!)

benWell, it turns out today was field-trip day at the practice. I had a VERY inquisitive 6 year old come to the office to find out what acupuncture is all about. Not only did he want to see the needles…he tried TWO! And that was after we told him that it might hurt just a little. He was happy to report that he had a feeling while being needled but that it didn’t hurt. Afterwards, he said his feet and tummy felt tickly. That particular reported result is absolutely a first for the practice.

In this picture he is proudly showing off his second needle,  known as a Pyonex press tack needle. Can you see it on his arm?

Thanks kid!