Everyday Yin-Yang

Yin-Yang by ryankboyd
Yin-Yang, a photo by ryankboyd on Flickr.

Today, I’m making sure that my wood element is appropriately flexible. I originally had an entirely different post planned but having just finished reading Everyday Einstein I changed my mind because it gives a GREAT example of the yin and yang all around us. Just substitute yin for the potential energy and yang for the kinetic energy.
Have fun with it!

Everyday Einstein

Delicious Flowers

Cherry Blossoms by Calsidyrose
Cherry Blossoms, a photo by Calsidyrose on Flickr.

Back again from warmer climates where they are enjoying their cherry blossoms. It reminded me of the pickled cherry blossoms my Japanese friend brought for me to taste. It was a fun way to enjoy this timeless icon of spring.
It is still a bit early for cherry blossoms to be blooming here in northern California but they aren’t too far behind. This week the pear tree blossoms popped- always the official start of the riotous flowers of spring. It made me excited to think of all the edible flowers available to adorn your favorite dishes. In the Chinese materia medica we use many flowers as herbal medicine but this list today is just for fun.
(Just remember- don’t eat any flowers that have been sprayed with anything undesirable including chemicals or animal “by-products”.)

A good list includes:

Calendula flowers
Dianthus (aka Sweet William)

When in doubt, keep it out (of your mouth that is!) Always consult with an expert in your area.

And if you are still in the throes of winter where you are, never fear spring is near.