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World Wide Web by Bull3t
World Wide Web, a photo by Bull3t on Flickr.

Okay, it’s high time to let everyone know (who hasn’t heard it yet from visiting the practice that is!) about a great website that will give you the full…ahem, skinny…regarding the nutrition of any given food. I recommend it for patients needing to eat a low inflammatory diet or a low carb diet or a high protein diet or a diet good for weight loss or a low glycemic diet or for anyone wanting to know which foods are the most nutritious and filling and so on. In other words, how ever you want to tweak your diet, or if you are just interested in learning what your week to week eating is doing for you, this is a very useful thing.

Hint: look for the- enter a food name in the upper right side of your screen to get started. I recommend trying both wild chinook salmon as well as milk chocolate to see good ranges between inflammatory and non-inflammatory foods.

What foods did you try? Did you find anything that surprised you? Have fun with it and let us know what you find out in the comments section!