Yum! Almond Milk

20120610_4325 almond by williewonker
20120610_4325 almond, a photo by williewonker on Flickr.

Ha! Even though almonds have been mentioned before on the blog here, they are certainly worth a second mention. It’s all about milk today: almond milk. Yes, OF COURSE you CAN just buy almond milk from the store but it’s even MORE FUN (and fairly easy) to make it yourself!

1. Buy some really good almonds.
2. Rinse those really good almonds.
3. Let said almonds soak up to 48 hours in clean water.
4. Drain and rinse almonds
5. Place almonds in Vitamix or equivalent thereof.
6. Add enough new/clean water in to cover almonds. (More water makes a waterier milk, less makes a creamier milk)
7. Mix almonds and water until almonds are completely chopped.
8. Strain milk through cheesecloth to remove solids.
9. Enjoy (within a few days or you will end up with a booger-like mucous to deal with).
And voila- excellent almond milk.

In Chinese medicine we use almonds to boost lung function, improve qi and blood levels, relieve a cough, transform phlegm and to lower rebellious qi.

And you thought it would just taste good!