Movement exercise by photoprodigy
Movement exercise, a photo by photoprodigy on Flickr.

Quote taken from Qi Gong class:

Life is dictated by movement.

In what ways are you moving?

Up Close And Personal- Press Tack Needles

Acupuncture by Ashaaaaa
Acupuncture, a photo by Ashaaaaa on Flickr.

For everyone who has come for a visit and left wearing press tack needles without having been able to see them, here is a great close-up of what the press tack needles look like!

Walk walk

Walk walk by simonGman
Walk walk, a photo by simonGman on Flickr.


What can make you lose around 4lbs of weight a month, without changing your eating habits, if you do it about an hour a day?



Walking uses up about 100 calories for every mile you walk (not saunter!). Walking benefits your heart, builds bone density and lowers the possibility of diabetes. Because it’s low-impact, it’s an activity most people can do for their lifetime and as a BIG bonus it will add about 5 years to your lifespan!

5 YEARS?!?!? Who could say no to that?

Acupuncture And Depression During Pregnancy

For all of you soon-to-be-mothers who might be experiencing depression, acupuncture could be an excellent tool for you. Check out a recent article about this very subject


The Pick-Me-Up Protocol


DON’T SUFFER FROM LOW ENERGY LEVELS! There are many quick energy pick-ups if you just know the secret. Take a look at the picture above. Funny-looking foot aside, do you see that it’s drawn as if you are looking at your own right leg and foot? (Apologies to everyone not enamored of toe rings.) The area to either rub, gently slap or carefully scrape runs parallel to your shin bone on the OUTSIDE (aka the less tender side) of the shin bone. Measure a consistent thumb’s width away from the shin bone running the length of the shin bone. DO NOT massage, gently slap or carefully scrape the area until you draw blood. Do massage, gently slap or carefully scrape the area as long as it feels good and/or is just slightly pink. When in doubt do less not more and always feel free to call the office if you have questions. Oh, and make sure to include the left as well as the right leg.

Have fun!