Keeping Grandma And Grandpa Healthy

Grandma & Grandpa  by trishsworld
Grandma & Grandpa , a photo by trishsworld on Flickr.

Cultivating good health is a life-long process. It should start with our first breath and continue right on until our last. Does that mean that our health challenges are always the same throughout life? Of course not! Each age has it’s challenges on top of what we experience as unique individuals.

As a body gets older, there can be a decreased ability to absorb nutrients. So even if a person does eat all their veggies, fruits, fats, simple carbs and protein, if the body is less able to produce digestive enzymes, those nutrients may not be absorbed. Without those nutrients making it into the bloodstream, their helpful functions are lost.

So, for people over the age of 50, here are a few supplements to look into in addition to your multivitamin.

Digestive enzymes to increase absorption of nutrients.

Vitamin E to keep nerve and muscle cells healthy and avoid leg cramps. It also helps keep the heart healthy. *Special note: if you take blood-thinning drugs, only introduce a vitamin E supplement with the help of your health care practitioner*

Vitamin D has to be present for calcium absorption which decreases the chances for osteoporosis and also decreases the chances for some cancers such as colon and breast.

Vitamin A to promote healthy eyes, skin and immunity.

Vitamin B12 to assist memory, nerve pain, fatigue and depression and constipation. Try the tabs that dissolve on the tongue rather than a pill.

Fish or flax oil to improve brain function, maintain healthy skin and avoid depression.

If It’s Good Enough For Astronauts…

Chinese astronauts practice Tai Chi in space

Chinese astronauts doing tai chi in space-

You can do it too!

There’s Therapy And Then There’s Therapy…


IMG_0722Today, no talk about the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture but a question about how many things are therapeutic in your life? Therapy transcends the bounds of prescriptions, ointments, herbs, surgery and needles. Try making a list of how many things in your life bring you balance and harmony.¬† I hope it’s long (and maybe it includes freshly caught King salmon and Motown hits?) Thanks RM et al for some pretty spectacular therapy!

Feeling Good

Have you ever taken the time to really rub your ears? Try it! Gently rub each and every surface of your outer ear including the sticky outy part in front of the ear hole (aka the tragus), and the part of the ear across from there (aka the anti-tragus). Don’t forget the inside ridges or the big loopy one making up the outside edge (aka the helix). Rub them until they are nicely pink and feel warm to the touch.

Try this as a first step in helping yourself get to sleep, when you are stressed out or just feel the need to ground. Have you ever noticed that babies do this when they are crying or are overstimulated? They instinctively pull on their ear(s) to self soothe.

It will work for you too!

Even More Qi Gong…

qi_gong_symbolToday includes¬† a short Chinese reading lesson. Even if you can’t pronounce these two characters in Chinese, they mean qi gong. The first character is qi. This is the qi your acupuncturist is trying to access when he or she needles you. The star burst in the bottom left is a kernel of rice. The remainder of the character is steam. The act of the rice transforming into steam denotes the creation of energy. The second character is the gong of qi gong. It means to cultivate. Read together, qi gong means the cultivation of qi or ways to produce energy in you. This weekend’s class taught the 6 Healing Sounds form. Just think, there is a motion done in conjunction with making a specific sound that can bring about positive change for anything that might be disharmonious about your health.

If this sounds interesting to you, be sure to call the office or ask about it at your next visit!