Even More Qi Gong…

qi_gong_symbolToday includes  a short Chinese reading lesson. Even if you can’t pronounce these two characters in Chinese, they mean qi gong. The first character is qi. This is the qi your acupuncturist is trying to access when he or she needles you. The star burst in the bottom left is a kernel of rice. The remainder of the character is steam. The act of the rice transforming into steam denotes the creation of energy. The second character is the gong of qi gong. It means to cultivate. Read together, qi gong means the cultivation of qi or ways to produce energy in you. This weekend’s class taught the 6 Healing Sounds form. Just think, there is a motion done in conjunction with making a specific sound that can bring about positive change for anything that might be disharmonious about your health.

If this sounds interesting to you, be sure to call the office or ask about it at your next visit!

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