If It’s Good Enough For Astronauts…

Chinese astronauts practice Tai Chi in space

Chinese astronauts doing tai chi in space-

You can do it too!

2 Responses to “If It’s Good Enough For Astronauts…”

  1. Heidi Doyle Says:

    So Wendy~ it looks calming, but I’m still not sure how you stay in shape… ?

    • wstedeford Says:

      Think of it as something to do in addition to aerobic exercise. It’s very good for maintaining/increasing range of motion and flexibility and some strength with a bit of cardiac. It’s more of a yin (hence the calming aspect) activity rather than something more yang like running or aerobics. You definitely can “feel the burn” though depending upon the amount you do, I have been feeling wiped out but great by the end of the qi gong weekends.

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