Chinese Medicine for a Sailboat?

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Sundown Sailing Adventures


That’s right! After experimenting with a 3M product meant to chemically remove paint from the bottom of Sundown, we decided that the results weren’t satisfactory and we’d spend a lot of money only to have to go back over her bottom side with scraping tools. So we sharpened the chisels, sucked it up and went to work. We spent about 10 hours total scraping off all the old bottom paint. (Check out our Photo Galley for several photos of the job.)

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Tongue Map TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Here it is-
The not-so-secret tongue map your acupuncturist is using to “read” what’s happening on your inside.

Another Funny Patient!

I don’t know what it is lately, but my patients are making some great zingers at the practice!
Yesterday, this is what someone said:

Me: It looks like lying on your side might be uncomfortable? Let’s change your position.

SJ Patient: That’s okay, I’ll stick it out.

Pre-Birth Acupuncture

Baby Bump by cydney.c
Baby Bump, a photo by cydney.c on Flickr.

Thinking of trying acupuncture to help put you in excellent health for the birth of your baby? Check out this link to an article discussing pre-birth acupuncture.

Vegetarians and Chinese Herbal Medicine

silk worms by moners12
silk worms, a photo by moners12 on Flickr.

When hearing the term, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, most people assume that herbal medicine means medicine from plants. On the contrary, traditional Chinese herbs also include animal sources as well as minerals.

Most of my vegetarian/vegan patients are concerned enough to ask if there are any animal products in the herbal formula they are going to take. it’s wonderful that they think to ask! So, if you don’t want any animal products in your herbal formula, make sure that it doesn’t include any of the following-

Bai Hua She- mulitbranded krait
Chan Tui- cicada shell
Di Be Chong- field cockroach
Di Long-earthworm
Dong Chong Xia Cao- dead silkworm fungus
E Jiao- donkey skin
Ge Jie- gecko
Hai Ge Ke- clam shell
Hai Piao Xiao- cuttlefish bone
Hou Zao- gallstone
Ji Nei Jin- chicken gizzard
Jiang Can-dried silkworms
Long Chi-fossilized teeth
Long Gu- fossilized bone
Lu Rong- deer velvet and horn
Mu Li-oyster shell
Niu Huang-cow gallstone
Sang Piao Xiao- praying mantis case
She Tui- snake skin
Shi Jue Ming-abalone shell
Shui Niu Hiao- water buffalo horn
Shu Zhi- leech
Wu Ling Zhi- flying squirrel feces
Wu Shao She- black tailed snake
Yu Nao Shi- fish bones
Zhen Zhu Mu- mother of pearl shell

The Importance Of Being Heard

office interview

This week’s blog post is a link to a very interesting article found on Medscape. Thanks to Celeste Albanez RN for the information!

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Did You Know To Eat This With That?

PTDC0004Food combining is not a new idea. People combine different foods to maximize the effects of taste, texture, color, fat burning capabilities or to maximize nutritional capabilities. In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine),  we combine foods to maximize the foods’ effects on qi, blood, yin, yang, body fluids, hot, cold or effects on the different organ systems. Did you know, however, that you can also combine foods to minimize the potentially negative effects of certain foods? It’s true!

How do you minimize the potentially negative effects of high-temperature broiled, fried or grilled meats? Add rosemary to the meat while it is cooking. High temperature cooked meats create substances called heterocyclic amines (or HCAs for short). HCAs have been linked to cancer including colon and breast cancers. Rosemary has two great antioxidants: rosemarinic acid and carnosol that both go after and detroy HCAs.

Try adding rosemary to your next meat marinade and know that you are doing something preventively GREAT for your health!

Practice Laughter

incurable laughter by panta rhei.
incurable laughter, a photo by panta rhei. on Flickr.

Just heard at the practice:

Me: Oh, I have to go to the next room to get the right needles.

My patient: Yeah, because acupuncture without needles would be…pointless!

Beating The Heat

Baby, It's Hot Outside by IceNineJon
Baby, It’s Hot Outside, a photo by IceNineJon on Flickr.

Yikes! 107 degrees tomorrow! You know to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, avoid the sun and all of the BIG tools for minimizing the effects of too much heat but here’s a small tool to also add to your arsenal.

Peppermint has both cooling and surface heat removing properties. Try rubbing some peppermint essential oil at your temples, the back of your neck and along the undersides of your wrists at the creases for a cooling sensation. The oil comes in a small bottle easily tucked away in a pocket or purse. Will you smell like peppermint? Yes. Is it worth it to feel cool?
You decide!