Jumping On The Pumpkin Bandwagon…

Well, since Starbucks and everyone else has brought up the topic of pumpkin, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and talk a little about pumpkin too.

Do you ever eat the real thing? It’s super full of super good nutrition. If you haven’t tried it yet, Japanese pumpkin is particularly delicious.

Here’s what 1 cup or approximately 245 grams of boiled without salt pumpkin delivers:

0 saturated fat
0 cholesterol

A good source of-
vitamin E

It gives you:
3 grams of fiber
8% of the DV of iron
4% of the DV of calcium
19% of the DV of vitamin C
245% of the DV of vitamin A

Pumpkin is mildly anti-inflammatory. On a scale of 0-250, pumpkin has an estimated glycemic load of 3 (very, very low). It has a 5/5 rate for weight loss, a 5/5 rate for optimum health and only a 1.5/5 rate for weight gain. Lastly, it provides good amounts of 6 out of the 9 essential amino acids.

An excellent food? Most definitely yes! And it’s now starring at your local farmer’s market and supermarket.

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