Give Yourself A Hand

Hand by Aaron Escobar
Hand, a photo by Aaron Escobar on Flickr.

Today’s blog entry is a practical suggestion for helping out with issues manifesting at the back of the head. Did you know that you have numerous acupuncture points on the top and palms of your hands? There is one point that specifically helps out the back of the head.
Place either hand, palm down, in front of you. Find the knuckle of your “pinkie” finger. The knuckle is where the oval-shaped extra skin sits. Rub the outside of the knuckle area strongly until it feels warm if you have a back-of-head headache, muscle strain, injury or any other issue. Don’t forget to repeat for the other side.

Let us know how it goes in the comment section!

Stretch Those Hard-Working Eyes

You knew that your eyes can move because you have eye muscles right? Well, just like it’s a good idea to exercise your other muscles, it’s a good idea to exercise your eye muscles. Here’s a move to get you started. Big thanks to both Michelle and Brittian for “volunteering” to be photographed.

eye1 eye2Start by lowering one of your ears towards the shoulder below it. Go only as far as it is comfortable! When your ear is as low as it will go, allow your eyes to look up while taking one breath (Take the opportunity to get in a nice big-belly breath if you can swing it).  Exhale as you lower your eyes while bringing your head back up to its usual place. Repeat for the other side. Go slowly in case you give yourself the dizzies (stop if you do!) Start with three times for each side. Try it if your eyes are getting tired and/or mid afternoon. Email or call if you have any questions. Have fun!

How Long Has It Been Since You Visited Your Local Farmers’ Market?

Hopefully, these very not-professional pictures will still inspire you to get to your farmers’ market while the getting is still good!

Healthy Probiotics

Healthy Probiotics by byvik ink
Healthy Probiotics, a photo by byvik ink on Flickr.

Interesting news from Bastyr University about probiotics.

Learn more here

The Pace Of Your Nails

Fingernails by cellobella
Fingernails, a photo by cellobella on Flickr.

Today’s post is just for fun. Think of it as your fun health fact for the day.

Here goes: Did you know that if you have good health your nails grow as fast as the continents of the earth move?

It’s true! Now go out and try to fit that fascinating factoid into your next conversation. Have fun!