Doing Something Good For Your Urinary Bladder

Sphinx by tarnalberry
Sphinx, a photo by tarnalberry on Flickr.

Remember the blog entry back in November (find it here) that talked about how each month had a special connection to a particular organ in the body? Well, February is the month most closely connected to the urinary bladder. Here’s a little factoid about your urinary bladder- did you know that on average the human urinary bladder can hold 2 cups of fluid when full but the urge to urinate starts when the bladder is about a cup full?

There are many things you can do on a regular basis to help maintain good urinary bladder health. In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) we always consider using acupuncture, herbs, supplements, food and exercise as the ways to positively change health. The sphinx pose in yoga is a wonderful, gentle way to do something good for your urinary bladder this February.

Check out the link below to Yoga Journal’s step by step directions for this pose. And remember, consider your yoga level and overall health condition before attempting the pose. If you have any questions, call the office. No pain necessary to benefit!

The sphinx pose by Yoga Journal