June Is San Jiao Month


Photo by Lymplex



Every month in the year has a special relationship with a particular organ system in the body according to traditional Chinese medicine. Think of it as the spotlight time for that part of the body and the chance to do something good for that part. The time of year we call June is the time of the san jiao. In most cases the energetic organs to which Chinese medicine refers also includes the physical organ. For example, there are the organs we call the lungs that correspond to the energetic concept we call the lungs in TCM. In the case of the san jiao, the energetic/physical concept is less clear. Even so, it is easy to consider that the san jiao most closely resembles the lymphatic system.

If you know nothing about your lymphatic system take a moment to read about it here. It is a fascinating part of your body!

A very nice thing to do for your lymphatic system is something called dry bristle brushing. It works by assisting the flow of surface lymph back towards the heart increasing lymphatic return by up to 10% or more.

Choose a natural-bristled brush. The best time to brush is right before you get in the shower while still dry. The brush strokes on your limbs should always move towards your heart but start at your armpits or groin and move outwards. Remember that your brush strokes are always toward your heart! When brushing your abdomen,  the upward brush strokes can also be accompanied by circular strokes. When brushing your chest make circles around breast or pectoral tissue working towards your armpits. When brushing your hips and bum circular motions are great. A light to medium pressure works best.

And there you have it- a brush a day keeps the acupuncturist away and your san jiao very happy!

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