Your Liver Is Going Places!


Brad Worrell


Why a green car going somewhere quickly for this week’s entry picture? It’s the perfect metaphor for your liver and September is the  month for doing something good for your liver (spring is a super time too!).  You see in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), green is the color most closely associated with your liver and your liver is the happiest when the qi in your body is moving optimally. According to TCM, your liver is responsible for the free flow of energy throughout the body as well as acting as the body’s blood bank- it doesn’t do anything directly to help make the body’s blood but it’s there to pass the blood out to wherever it is needed. Your liver is responsible for good joint and connective tissue health. It is associated with good vision and if you have challenges with anger/frustration or depression, in TCM they are signs that your liver (as it is defined by Chinese medicine) is potentially out of balance.

A perfect analogy of a healthy liver versus an imbalanced liver would be a slight case of road rage. Many cars all driving on a highway going the speed they would like and driving where and when they would like is your qi moving around your body. But what happens when there is something that blocks the free flow of traffic? It’s an inverse relationship; the bigger the blockage the slower the traffic goes and the more frustrated the drivers (or your liver) get(s).

So moving, in every sense of the word, is one REALLY nice thing you can do for your liver. Move your body, move your mind move the horizons you are traveling towards, any or all of the above. Go for a walk, learn something new and/or set new goals.

It’ll keep you from some of the frustrations in life- so get moving!

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