It’s October! Great For Beer Drinkers AND Your Pericardium


Nuno Gavina Couto

Behold your pericardium meridian! Looks good doesn’t it? October is the best month to focus on doing something nice for your pericardium. Just what and where is your pericardium? I’m glad you asked. The pericardium is a membrane that covers the heart. In Chinese medicine the heart is considered the emperor of the body and as such was not meant to be part of the minutiae of the everyday of the “empire” aka the body. There is so much that goes on daily in the body that the emperor could quickly become engulfed in tiny matters rather than taking in the big picture and ruling overall instead of micromanaging.

That’s where the pericardium comes in. It acts as the go-between between the emperor and the subjects. As the heart’s most trusted advisor (or think prime minister), it is the pericardium’s role to determine what the heart should see and what is not as crucial. It is a very powerful position. As far as the functions within the body, the pericardium works much like the heart. One of the reasons the pericardium points are chosen for treatment is that the pericardium influences a person’s relations with other people (just like a prime minister might act as a go-between). These points are sometimes used to treat emotional problems caused by challenges arising from relationship difficulties.

And who couldn’t use some help with that? A simple but helpful way of working on those relationship difficulties is to simply gently massage the pericardium line; it totally counts!

If you have trouble figuring out where the pericardium meridian is, leave a note in the comments section. Also, check out the other months’ organs here.

Have fun!

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