Make It Work!

fishThe key to creating health is figuring out the cause of the problem and then providing the right conditions for the body and soul to thrive.

Mark Hyman MD

Getting That Qi Sensation When Needled


Did you know your acupuncturist isn’t simply putting needles into you and leaving it at that? We search for a sensation we can feel through our fingertips. If you’ve ever been fishing you might know this feeling. You can’t necessarily see what’s happening below the surface of the water when fishing but you can “see” with your fingers down the rod and fishing line. A fisherman feels all sorts of things this way: maybe the fisherman snagged a log, maybe the fish brushed by the hook. Think of the acupuncturist doing the same when they are “fishing” for your qi. Instead of landing a fish however, we catch your qi!

Simply Simple

IMG_2402 IMG_2403

Okay, as an acupuncturist I just want to say that even though the “homework” acupuncturists give is usually wonderful (of course), I know full well that life is busy and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in. This recommendation is SO SIMPLE, however, that there can’t be any reason not to work it in. You notice in the first picture our lovely model has her hands in the “natural position” of rest with her palms facing downward. This way of laying the hands accentuates the inward/downward orientation most of us use all day long. It’s the way we sit at desks, while on the phone, while driving, watching t.v. and etc. It’s a “closed” way of sitting. By just turning the palms upward, the shoulders/neck/arms/hands/heart and general orientation goes from inward/downward to upward/outward. This rotates the shoulders/neck/arms/hands/heart and outlook onward and upward so to speak. In traditional Chinese medicine, opening the heart means to open the mind which allows life’s opportunities through the door.

All this goodness from something so simple? Give it a try!

How About Some New Tongues?


Have you ever noticed how different tongues can be? Probably not if you aren’t an acupuncture geek. Each of these tongues giveĀ  clues about the health of the person showing it. Assessing tongues is one of the tools TCM has to figure out the state of your health. If you want to see more tongues, find them here.