The Practice Is Moving

Morning at U-Haul

After 12 wonderful years working with some incredible practitioners and people at El Dorado Physical Therapy, I’m moving the practice across town to join in collaboration with Dr. Angelica Drum DAOM.  As they say…

Don’t let go too soon but don’t hang on too long

-Morrie Schwartz.

Check out the practice Facebook page to get the details: Wendy Stedeford Acupuncture

See you at the new location.

And More Helpful Diagrams…

uterusThis infographic is a great example of how TCM (tradtional Chinese medicine) considers the interconnectedness of all aspects of the body. Check it out!

The 5 Elements

And another way of viewing the 5 elements…

5 Elements

Mathias Dippl

The Differences Between Tai Chi and Qi Gong




Find out the differences here.

A Nifty Explanation To Get You Up And Going