Kale Makes you Hale


Hello! Long time no write! How is summer going? Around here with the practice move it’s been busy! If you are busy too this should be a short, info dense report about kale. A quick read to get you back out and enjoying summer for all of you in the northern hemisphere.

Kale has:

0 grams of cholersterol

547 micrograms of Vitamin K (684% of the USDV)

(If you take an anticoagulant prescription please consult with your doctor before enjoying kale)

121 milligrams of Omega-3 fatty acid

575 milligrams of polyphenols (they protect the lining of blood vessels)

Kale is made of less than 2% of carbohydrates

It has only a 4 glycemic index load rating.


And chopped kale, pine nuts, lemon juice and Parmesan cheese makes a great summer salad. Try it and see!