Getting That Qi Sensation When Needled


Did you know your acupuncturist isn’t simply putting needles into you and leaving it at that? We search for a sensation we can feel through our fingertips. If you’ve ever been fishing you might know this feeling. You can’t necessarily see what’s happening below the surface of the water when fishing but you can “see” with your fingers down the rod and fishing line. A fisherman feels all sorts of things this way: maybe the fisherman snagged a log, maybe the fish brushed by the hook. Think of the acupuncturist doing the same when they are “fishing” for your qi. Instead of landing a fish however, we catch your qi!

Acupuncture Needles In Interesting Places

Y&R Billboard - Acupuncture by Si1very
Y&R Billboard – Acupuncture, a photo by Si1very on Flickr.
It seems that acupuncture needles are being found in some interesting places recently. Check out this article I found on the Yahoo crawl today and then come back and I’ll tell you why you don’t ever have to worry about this happening to you.
All finished? Good. Now, why don’t you have to worry about this happening to you? No licensed acupuncturist in the United States has been taught or would choose to treat a patient in this manner¬† because of the risks mentioned in this article. Whatever kind of acupuncture they are doing in South Korea, it’s obviously not what we do here in the United States.
It must be a slow news day for Yahoo.
I also beg to differ with the opinion that there is little evidence that acupuncture treats medical conditions. I see, hear and touch the evidence every day.
As always, call your acupuncturist  if you have any questions or concerns. We always make ourselves available.

Up Close And Personal- Press Tack Needles

Acupuncture by Ashaaaaa
Acupuncture, a photo by Ashaaaaa on Flickr.

For everyone who has come for a visit and left wearing press tack needles without having been able to see them, here is a great close-up of what the press tack needles look like!

If A 6 Year Old Can Do It….(So Can You!)

benWell, it turns out today was field-trip day at the practice. I had a VERY inquisitive 6 year old come to the office to find out what acupuncture is all about. Not only did he want to see the needles…he tried TWO! And that was after we told him that it might hurt just a little. He was happy to report that he had a feeling while being needled but that it didn’t hurt. Afterwards, he said his feet and tummy felt tickly. That particular reported result is absolutely a first for the practice.

In this picture he is proudly showing off his second needle,  known as a Pyonex press tack needle. Can you see it on his arm?

Thanks kid!

Acupuncture Needles Really Are Small…We’re Not Kidding!

Acupuncture In A Nutshell…..

If you’ve never seen what it looks like when you get needled…..this is it!