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Simply Simple

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Okay, as an acupuncturist I just want to say that even though the “homework” acupuncturists give is usually wonderful (of course), I know full well that life is busy and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in. This recommendation is SO SIMPLE, however, that there can’t be any reason not to work it in. You notice in the first picture our lovely model has her hands in the “natural position” of rest with her palms facing downward. This way of laying the hands accentuates the inward/downward orientation most of us use all day long. It’s the way we sit at desks, while on the phone, while driving, watching t.v. and etc. It’s a “closed” way of sitting. By just turning the palms upward, the shoulders/neck/arms/hands/heart and general orientation goes from inward/downward to upward/outward. This rotates the shoulders/neck/arms/hands/heart and outlook onward and upward so to speak. In traditional Chinese medicine, opening the heart means to open the mind which allows life’s opportunities through the door.

All this goodness from something so simple? Give it a try!

Concerned About Inflammatory Foods? Check Out This Site


If you’ve ever been curious about whether the food you eat is inflammatory, anti-inflammatory or neutral check out this site and find out!

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It’s a Very Useful Thing

Stimulating Acupuncture Points

6240460763_530a04fbb2By Tara Aveilhe




Everyone equates acuPUNCTURE with needles right? But did you know that other “tools” can be used to stimulate acupuncture points including essential oils?

For example, choose an essential oil known for being calming and apply it to the deepest part of your palms when your hands are cupped, the undersides of your wrists and the spot between your eyebrows (making sure the oil doesn’t get in your eyes!) to help you fall asleep. There are great aid-sleep acupuncture points in all of those places that you can access with the oil. Try it and see if it works for you!

If you are interested in learning a bit about essential oils check out this website:

A Handy Chart

ebola,flu,enteroGo here to see what an ancient medicine has to say about the current enterovirus outbreak

Comparing Foods




Check out this website for…as it says…instant food comparison. Very informational. Check it out here.

Product Endorsement

netiRarely, do I recommend any specific product. I think the only other product I’ve named is Udi’s whole grain bread. Today though, I thought I’d spotlight the Himalayan Institute’s Neti-stik. It’s a great product for a few reasons.

If you are like me, using a bonified neti pot to pour water into already “water-clogged” sinuses is a bit of a challenge, the Neti-stik may be a good compromise. It’s a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol and lavender essential oils that can make swollen, hot and moist sinuses feel better.

Also, I sometimes use the stick even if my sinuses aren’t running or swollen or if I have a headache.  The stick’s combination of essential oils is invigorating. Mid afternoon if I’m feeling sluggish, I take a couple of whiffs per nostril and it perks me right up.

Interested? See if it works for you!

A Mini Body Vacation

breathe by abchick
breathe, a photo by abchick on Flickr.

Whatever task you are doing right now, stop if you can. Put your hands on your belly at the belly button or just below it. Take a moment to check if you feel equally balanced between the left side of your body and the right. Take in a slow breath through your nose for a 4 count. Breathe that breath all the way down to your hands while your belly expands to hold that breath. When you complete your inhale your belly should be rounded out like a basketball. When you exhale to a 4 or 5 count, release the breath through your nose (or your mouth if you really need to release) while the basketball deflates.
Repeat as many times as you like as long as you don’t become dizzy for an excellent mini body vacation!