What Kind Of A Car Are You?

Keep Off The Grass

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My very dear friend Bette Anne was just visiting for a week from points far away. I’m so happy for my friend- She’s taken the bull by the horns and has made some wonderful life changes that have resulted in weight loss, great cholesterol numbers, better heart health and other wonderful health improvements. Are there other positive results from all this you might ask? Well, she can now fit into a very CUTE vintage lace and satin skirt she found in a funky shop just around the corner!

She uses a personal trainer as one of her big tools for these changes. She mentioned that many people ask her about the expense of a personal trainer. She always answers, “I am my BMW. I could either spend money on a great car or I can spend this money on myself. A BMW car will eventually wear out but me- I’ll just keep running well.” I LOVED this! Of course I wanted to steal it and use it for everyone to think about- What kind of a car are you? If not a personal trainer, what are ALL the things you can do to transform yourself into a BMW?
And if you need help brainstorming……maybe it’s time for a visit to the office.