Acupuncture And Cancer Treatment

Electro-acupuncture by NYCTCM
Electro-acupuncture, a photo by NYCTCM on Flickr.

More news about how the excellent contributions of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine are making inroads into mainstream medicine here in the U.S.

Did You Know To Eat This With That?

PTDC0004Food combining is not a new idea. People combine different foods to maximize the effects of taste, texture, color, fat burning capabilities or to maximize nutritional capabilities. In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine),  we combine foods to maximize the foods’ effects on qi, blood, yin, yang, body fluids, hot, cold or effects on the different organ systems. Did you know, however, that you can also combine foods to minimize the potentially negative effects of certain foods? It’s true!

How do you minimize the potentially negative effects of high-temperature broiled, fried or grilled meats? Add rosemary to the meat while it is cooking. High temperature cooked meats create substances called heterocyclic amines (or HCAs for short). HCAs have been linked to cancer including colon and breast cancers. Rosemary has two great antioxidants: rosemarinic acid and carnosol that both go after and detroy HCAs.

Try adding rosemary to your next meat marinade and know that you are doing something preventively GREAT for your health!

Research On Mushrooms And Cancer

Twins by smir_001 catching up
Twins, a photo by smir_001 catching up on Flickr.

Can Trametes versicolor (aka the Turkey Tail mushroom) help cancer patients boost their immune systems during chemotherapy? That’s just what researchers at Bastyr University will work to find out. Check out the link below for the full story.

Bastyr News

Chemotherapy And Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas

Chemotherapy IV by kevin63
Chemotherapy IV, a photo by kevin63 on Flickr.

Check out this Wall Street Journal article reporting the benefits of a traditional Chinese herbal formula and cancer-fighting chemotherapy here.

And what the Pine Street Foundation is doing about it here.