Hibernating Bear by glazedangel101
Hibernating Bear, a photo by glazedangel101 on Flickr.

Always around the beginning of the year I get a few questions about cleansing.Wanting to do a cleanse at this time of year does make sense in some ways, new beginnings and  holiday indulging among other reasons. Ultimately though, Traditional Chinese medicine would say not to do a cleanse in winter . Here’s why: we’re still supposed to be “hibernating”. Even though we’ve turned the corner on the winter solstice, we’re right in the middle of the “dark” time of year, meaning the most yin time, when we’re meant to be quiet and at rest. Because of this, anything “moving” should wait for spring when, just like the bears looking for skunk cabbage to clean things out at the end of winter, we can employ cleanses to prepare for the coming yang time (summer) when things are supposed to be active and move.

Let’s talk about cleanses this spring shall we?