Guess What Month November Is?

Pears by Marshed
Pears, a photo by Marshed on Flickr.

Each month of the year has a connection to a particular organ of the body according to traditional Chinese medicine. Simply speaking, each month provides a chance for you to do something nice for that organ. November is lung month and as you might have guessed from this entry’s picture, pears are a nice thing to do for your lungs.

Take your favorite type of pear and core it. Fill the center with honey and steam until soft. The next step: enjoy!

This recipe is particularly good for lungs that feel dry, if you have a dry cough, if you live in a dry climate that dehydrates you easily. (Get the idea that pears hydrate?) They are also good anytime after a cold or if you just have a persistent cough.

Here are the other months of the year and their organs:

February-urinary bladder
April-large intestine
May-small intestine
June-san jiao (I know- what the heck is a san jiao? Use this month to do something great for your lymph system)
July- kidney
October-pericardium (considered a separate organ in TCM)
November- lung

No More Colds!


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It’s that time of year (again) to start being cold-conscious. The first of this season’s colds have already shown up at the practice. Every year we post something in the hope that everyone can avoid the sniffles-fever-chills-cough-body-aches blues.

Make sure to:

WASH YOUR HANDS!!! And not just for two seconds either! Sing the entire Happy Birthday song while briskly rubbing your hands and fingers together including scrubbing under your nails- even without soap this works. Yes, it may make your co-workers question your sanity but you’ll have the last laugh and without sniffles to boot!

Cough and sneeze properly. Check out last year’s funny blog entry about proper coughing and sneezing style.

Follow up effective hand washing and proper coughing/sneezing with-
DON’T TOUCH ANY WARM AND MOIST BODY AREAS WITH UNWASHED FINGERS. (Translation: don’t pick your nose or teeth or eyes  or…)

Get rest!

Sanitize any common high-traffic touch places at home or the office.  For example, thoroughly clean all door knobs, steering wheels, key boards, refrigerator handles etc.  This also includes special consideration for anyone who visits a gym. Did you know that more than half of all infectious diseases among athletes are caught through skin contact? Viruses and bacteria can survive for hours (and some fungi can stick it out for YEARS!) on the metal and the other common surfaces in a gym. You can reuse any alcohol wipe multiple times as long as it is still damp. Again, don’t worry if people give you the what’s-up-with-him look. Who knows- maybe love can blossom over sanitizing wipes!

Avoid anyone coughing or sneezing.

And lastly, visit your acupuncturist for some Yin Chiao and gua sha!

The “Emily Post” of Coughing

Everyone who’s anyone is coughing like this……..

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