Feeling Good

Have you ever taken the time to really rub your ears? Try it! Gently rub each and every surface of your outer ear including the sticky outy part in front of the ear hole (aka the tragus), and the part of the ear across from there (aka the anti-tragus). Don’t forget the inside ridges or the big loopy one making up the outside edge (aka the helix). Rub them until they are nicely pink and feel warm to the touch.

Try this as a first step in helping yourself get to sleep, when you are stressed out or just feel the need to ground. Have you ever noticed that babies do this when they are crying or are overstimulated? They instinctively pull on their ear(s) to self soothe.

It will work for you too!

Your Ears Are For Hearing But They Are Telling You Something Too

Had auricular acupuncture yet? Your ears are what we callĀ  micro systems, orĀ  maps, corresponding to all portions of the rest of your body. Auricular acupuncture uses acupuncture points of the outside portions of the ears to bring about good changes in health. Some acupuncturists use only auricular acupuncture while some use it with other techniques and some don’t do it at all. It can be very helpful if the part of the body that needs treatment is inaccessible to needles, for example if a limb is in a cast or if the limb is absent but there is still pain. Also, it can be a very relaxing technique for patients. It’s another useful tool in your acupuncturist’s toolbox. Ever notice how babies (and sometimes adults too!) will rub their ears to self soothe? It’s a nice, self-medicating tool. Try gently rubbing all around the outside of your ears as a general health boost- it’s great! And, if you haven’t experienced ear acupuncture and want to give it a try ask your acupuncturist. If they don’t do it they can direct you to someone who does.

Happy exploring!