Keeping Your Wrists Healthy


How are your wrists lately? Do you use a computer and/or a mouse daily? Do you do something repetitive with your hands daily? Chances are your wrists would be happy to have a little preventative attention. Check out this simple, do-anywhere exercise to encourage wrist health.

And remember the common sense rule: if in doubt leave it out; don’t do it if it causes you any pain!

Have fun!

Walk walk

Walk walk by simonGman
Walk walk, a photo by simonGman on Flickr.


What can make you lose around 4lbs of weight a month, without changing your eating habits, if you do it about an hour a day?



Walking uses up about 100 calories for every mile you walk (not saunter!). Walking benefits your heart, builds bone density and lowers the possibility of diabetes. Because it’s low-impact, it’s an activity most people can do for their lifetime and as a BIG bonus it will add about 5 years to your lifespan!

5 YEARS?!?!? Who could say no to that?