You’ve Heard Of Stopping To Smell The Flowers? Well, This Is Stop To Drink The Flowers


Today’s post was to be about choosing three things tomorrow to do to make or maintain better health.  So by all means do it! Tomorrow I’m going to: drink a glass of room-temperature water as soon as I wake up. I will push myself a little harder on my daily morning walk, maybe turning it into an uphill jalk (a little bit of jogging while walking). And thirdly, I will incorporate some skull-shining breathing into my day.  I thought to tie this request  into our change of seasons somehow so I was looking for a good chrysanthemum picture to represent fall and ran into this picture of chrysanthemum tea.

Did you know that drinking wild chrysanthemum tea is excellent for your eyes? Try it for sore eyes, dry eyes or diminished eyesight. And it’s fun to watch the flowers “re-bloom” from their dried state.

Aren’t they pretty? Call the office to find out more about skull shining breathing if you’re interested!

Stretch Those Hard-Working Eyes

You knew that your eyes can move because you have eye muscles right? Well, just like it’s a good idea to exercise your other muscles, it’s a good idea to exercise your eye muscles. Here’s a move to get you started. Big thanks to both Michelle and Brittian for “volunteering” to be photographed.

eye1 eye2Start by lowering one of your ears towards the shoulder below it. Go only as far as it is comfortable! When your ear is as low as it will go, allow your eyes to look up while taking one breath (Take the opportunity to get in a nice big-belly breath if you can swing it).  Exhale as you lower your eyes while bringing your head back up to its usual place. Repeat for the other side. Go slowly in case you give yourself the dizzies (stop if you do!) Start with three times for each side. Try it if your eyes are getting tired and/or mid afternoon. Email or call if you have any questions. Have fun!